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NCWGE calls on schools to reject unlawful single-sex programs

"On October 24, 2006, the Department of Education announced new Title IX regulations that dangerously expand authorization for schools to offer single-sex programs for their students. While single-sex programs can be beneficial and lawful in appropriate circumstances, the new regulations abandon long-standing legal safeguards that are designed to ensure that these programs will not result in sex stereotyping or discrimination. As a result, the new regulations authorize single-sex programs that will ill serve both male and female students and that could result in legal liability for the schools that offer them...."

NCWGE comments to Department of Education


Opposition to May 8 Notice of Intent to Rule (NOIR) on amending the regulations of the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Fact sheet — Oppose the Hutchison Amendment: Single-Sex Education Must be Equal


"Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R-TX) single-sex education amendment would allow local education agencies to establish single-sex classes and schools as long as “comparable” programs are provided for both sexes. Such programs would not comply with current antidiscrimination law...."

Legislative priority: Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act

"Since the last reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA) in 1998, NCWGE has witnessed many improvements in the collegiate environment for women and girls. This coalition fought to ensure many important provisions were included in the 1998 bill, including women’s access to higher education, supplemental services for parenting and nontraditional students, and increased safety measures on campus. However, NCWGE finds there is still much to be done in order to make the college dream a reality for women of all ages and in all circumstances...."

Legislative priority: Reauthorization of Career and Technical Education Legislation

"It is the goal of NCWGE that the career and technical education legislation provide programs, policies and resources for women and girls to have access to education and training for high wage/high skill and nontraditional jobs. Our priorities for the reauthorization of the career and technical education legislation are as follows...."

Increase Support for and Protect Title IX Enforcement


"June 2002 marks the 30th anniversary of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination in any education program or activity that receives federal funds. Title IX has been successful in increasing educational opportunities for women and girls, however enhanced enforcement efforts are necessary to meet the statute's goals...."

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NCWGE Principles for Welfare Reform

Plain text; Word document

". . . As Congress reauthorizes the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Acts of 1996, NCWGE believes that welfare programs should end the cycle of poverty and give states the flexibility to promote self-sufficiency through education and job training to help ensure that women are not locked into low-wage jobs. . . . "